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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Avoid These Seven Foods during nighttime (2-Over)

Digestive juices will easily ascend to the throat if you are consuming these foods whenthe evening. Because after eating this food, can trigger increased levels of digestive juices, and relaxes the connective valves between the throat and the stomach.

So that can cause a burning feeling around the throat. Here are some foods that should not be consumed during the evening. Reported by womenshealthmag. Tuesday (14/10/2014).

Nuts contain good fats, saturated fat saturated or not. Though the fats in nuts are generally healthy, but according to researcher best avoided during nighttime. Cashew nuts, and walnuts is the worst. For almonds, its impact is smaller since it doesn'tcontain a lot of fat.

The cheeses are also foods that contain high-fat parmesan cheese variants, andSwitzerland is ineffective when it is consumed at night, because it would increase the occurrence of reflux. For other soft cheese variants such as mozarela, are still safe for consumption.

A glass of orange juice or a Green Apple is the worst, because it has a high level ofacidity in the stomach. But some people can eat red apples with no problem. And itdepends on the person concerned.

Caffeine is contained in coffee is acidic, it will produce an extra stomach acid. If you want your coffee consumption, choose the superiority of low levels of coffee. So what are the options for safe food is consumed when in the middle of the night feelinghungry? Yes of course a low acid foods and fats, such as bananas, cereal with low-sugarand low-fat milk, and chamomile tea. (Completed)

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