HCG Diet & Sex Drive

HCG diet regimen that combines the use of hormones extracted from the urine of pregnant women and extreme reduction of calories to stimulate weight loss. HCG weight loss method is invasive, which can cause many side effects, including the effects of yo-yo in your sex passion.

Hcg Diet
HCG diet regimen that incorporates a controversial hormone doses of HCG is a natural with a low caloric intake. HCG or human chorionic gonadotrophin-is a hormone that is produced by women during pregnancy. HCG Diet using both oral HCG injections or supplements by cutting your calories to between 500 and 800 per day. It is designed to help you lose weight by burning fat and distribute. Diet can have a number of side effects, including changing your libido.

Sex Drive
According to an Anabolic Steroid Guide, HCG increases testosterone production in men for a short time when injected or drunk. Testosterone controls sexual drive male HCG, so while it can increase libido for men. However, once your body gets used to the HCG or reduce dose or discontinue Your glands that produce testosterone no longer stimulated, so you reduced production of the hormone testosterone. This in turn can lower Your sexual arousal temporarily, until your body reset.

Other Side Effects
Among the most serious side effects of HCG diet is nutrient deficiencies. According to the Mayo Clinic, 500 to 800 calories is recommended in the HCG regimen is between a quarter to half of a typical calorie intake recommendations, which can lead to nutritional deficiencies. In addition, HCG can cause pregnancy complications in women with stimulates the production of eggs in the ovaries. HCG diet can also cause fatigue, headaches, irritability and breast growth in men.

HCG diet can lead to sex you to swing between the highs and lows, that could have a negative impact on your sexual health. In addition, the HCG diet is usually only effective cause weight loss when you are active in the regimen. After You resume your normal lifestyle, typical weight. A more healthy approach to losing weight is to eat a balanced diet and a good exercise habits build. When you lose weight in a more natural, you will feel healthier and your libido can be increased naturally.