He's 4 reasons why women live longer Than Men

Aged people nobody knows, could have been shorter, it could be long. However it seems like life and a person's age can be seen from the gender. As quoted fromnews.health.com, a research showed that women turned out to have a higher potential for life, or have a longer age than men. Why is it so? Is she the reason,

Women are stronger in the womb
Prospective baby girl more strongly in the womb than the fetus is male because theaverage trend of weak and susceptible to prenatal infection or content issues.Physically, the baby boy also grew more slowly, leading to easy baby boy born prematurely or have the possibility of death is greater than the baby girl.
Women tend to not courageous

Many accidents involve the victims died with the male sex. If you compare the female characters mostly with men mostly, you definitely get the stereotype that men are more daring, are protecting the true risk takers, and in contrast with the female characters.
Because they think twice when going to take decisions and be more careful, womenhave the potential to live longer and avoid accidents.

Women have a smaller potential of developing heart disease
Heart disease is one of the biggest killers of men and women. But men are more likely to develop the disease and die because of the age range of 30-40 years. Whereaswomen increase the potential heart disease 10 years later than men, which is aroundage 40 or over. Their arteries are more powerful and flexible until menopause came.

Women pay more attention to the health of the body
No wonder the woman more health than men. Weight problems there are fortunatelyalso, it makes the women often go on a diet and apply to eat healthy foods and exercise, so the more fit and prevent various diseases.

But of course everyone, both men and women, have a different lifestyle. It could also be vice versa, depending on the individual itself. So, do not rely solely on the results of research Ladies, also apply to healthy living to prove that you can be healthier andhave a long life Yes.