How to Keep Teens From Being Promiscuous

Most parents have a hard time thinking of their children as sexual beings, and even could be more devastating when parents realize that their teen is promiscuous. Adolescents may become sexually promiscuous because of confused looking for attention, because their parents have not set clear rules about sexuality or because they do not understand the dangers of having sex. According to the Center for disease control and prevention, 15.3 percent of teens admitted to having four or more sexual partners. Because there is a clear cause of what can cause the Association of youth, there is also a clear way to help reduce the risk that your teen will be free sex.

Step 1
Have the conversation with your teen about sex. Be open to answering the question your teenager. Include open discussion about the risks of having sex and being promiscuous, including sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy. According to Chap Clark and Tim Clinton, author of "The Quick-Reference Guide to Counseling Teens," the earlier you have these conversations, your child's smaller risk of it being promiscuous.

Step 2
Tell your teens what you expect. Rules regarding sexual activity will depend on your personal beliefs, but clearly outlines what they are so that your teen knows what they are.

Step 3
Model behavior accordingly. If you are married, a Model of fidelity. If you are a single parent, model the exact dating life. Don't let your date to spend the night, and did not go out with different people each night. Your teen is learning how to behave by watching you, so strive to behave the way you want your teen to behave.

Step 4
Talk with an administrator at your child's school about the sexual health program. Many children are exposed to sexual health curricula tend to have sex or be promiscuous because they study the risks associated with doing so, according to the Center for disease control and prevention. If there is not a sexual health curriculum, volunteers to help find the right one to implement into existing curriculum.

Step 5
Encourage your teens to engage in sports, hobbies and other extra curricular activities. Children who have interests outside of school are likely to be promiscuous because participation in these activities can improve self-esteem, which reduce the risk of disconnection.


If you suspect that your teen is promiscuous, talk to him soon about his behavior. Took her to the pediatrician to be tested for STDS. Her pediatrician may be able to give him a referral to counselors who can help identify the cause of his Association so that it can be treated.