How to Keep a Child From Spitting Out Medicine

Few things in life are as frustrating and worrisome because watching your child spit out the medication you gave to help lower her fever, stop cough that terrible and just make it better. Most parents have been in the same situation, and it never ceases to worry about one of them. You know that with this drug, you can help your child feel better, feel more comfortable and relieve your concerns alone, but he doesn't understand that, despite her terrible taste, she needed it.

Step 1
Camouflage your child's medicine, suggest Ask Dr. Sears website. For example, if your child is prone to blurt out the drug because he hates the taste, and sneaks into a small bowl of applesauce or mix it with a little water and pass this as the juice. You can put it into anything, but make sure not to use too much food or drinks because you don't want your kid fill out before he finished and did not complete the treatment.

Step 2
Use the dropper drug and directs it towards the back of your child's cheek. According to the children's Medical Group of Wisconsin, with a direct remedy toward the cheek, close to his neck, he might be inclined to spit it out. If you are worried he was going to spit out, slowly stick her cheeks together once the medicine in his mouth. He'll have no choice but to swallow it, even if she is angry that you forced him to do so.

Step 3
Ask your child's doctor if prescribed medications come in the form of liquid, in addition to the suggested Ask Dr. Sears website. For example, if the drug comes in chewable tablet, you may request that your child in order to prevent from spitting it out. If he still doesn't want to take a chewable tablet, you can try to destroy it and add a little water to it until a paste is made. Place the Paste on your fingers and insert into your child's mouth. You can avoid her teeth by placing your finger against the inside of his cheek; This will cause her to ingest drugs without the fuss.

Don't give drugs mixed with food until you discuss the effectiveness of the drug as it is mixed with food or drink with a pediatrician or pharmacist your child, child development experts suggested in children's health website. The effectiveness of certain drugs can be changed when mixed with food or liquid.

According to the children's Medical Group of Wisconsin, there are some other things you should remember when giving medicine to your child. Always make sure he sits upright, and do not give your child more drugs if he manages to spit the bit out. However, if he is vomiting immediately after drinking the drug and You can see it in his vomiting, you may give him one dose again.