Smoke in the morning much more dangerous and deadly

If it's already discussing smoking, the more bad facts about the habits of this one. Readuntil exhausted, can help you or your loved one to stop this habit. If someone is oftensmoked in the morning or after getting up in the morning, then chances are they developed lung cancer is greater, so the latest research results.

Research conducted by the U.S. National Cancer Institute takes data 3,200 smokersand former smokers in the United States and Italy. The results showed that people whostarted smoking less than an hour after waking up having a higher risk of lung cancerthan those who smoke an hour after waking up, offered by

Results of this study showed no differences between men and women. That is, can bothhave the same risk of developing lung cancer. Moreover, as already mentioned earlier,if done early in the day after waking up. The results of this research published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute.

Therefore, if You have a habit of this, immediately cut down and quit. Smoking harmsnot just happened to you, but also the people around you. No word is too late to startgood habits by leaving a smoking. Love your health, love your future.