7 Foods That Prevent Gout

There are very few who are aware that increased levels of uric acid levels will have a negative effect which results in a complicated form of Gout Arthritis. The process by which it is formed whenever there is increased levels of uric acid in the blood we will result in the formation of needle-shaped crystals in the tissues that connect the joints and eventually cause unbearable pain the result of arthritis known as gout.

It has been found that this problem occurs mainly among middle-aged people who are likely to develop gout over women, the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and skin diseases (NIAMS) has informed that gout is grown in 4 different stages are given below:

Asymptomatic gout:

There is no need for treatment during this stage because the levels of uric acid are only slightly increases without signs of it being easily seen.

Acute gout arthritis:

This is often referred to as Hyperuricemia during crystal formation in the joint symptoms include pain and inflammation in the joints but they also do not need any treatment because they are said to reduce the time of only three to ten days.

Interval gout:

There is no pain in this stage that occurs in some joint pain is sharp and in normal working joints.

Chronic tophaceous gout:

This is the most critical phase that occurs after already several years from when the first stage of gout has happened and in this stage there will be a permanent danger effected in the joints with the possibility to even spread the damage to the kidneys.

Some common symptoms that help in identifying the gout include too much pain, redness and swelling of the joints, which usually includes a big leg joints are often affected. One of the best methods in which gout can be avoided include keeping control on diet and keeping a check on increased levels of uric acid in the body.

Our bodies have natural ingredients which when divided purin called uric acid forms, there are also foods that have the purin should be avoided in order to have the check uric acid produced in the body.

The American Medical Association has suggested some of the food for all people who suffer from gout which includes:

Complex carbohydrates with a wealth of fiber that is made possible through the grains, fresh fruits and vegetables.
Go with foods that have a lower protein which can be obtained from meat without fat, poultry and soy.
Care must be taken to take only 30% of the fat of 10% should be animal fats.
Food to aid in the prevention of gout:


There is an enzyme called bromelain which is known to have anti-inflammatory properties because it can be part of a diet that will help in reducing the pain which is one of the symptoms of gout.


Any inflammation that result of uric acid can be reduced with a compound that is present in the ginger.


It is known that it is one of the India's herb known for its anti-inflammatory properties are therefore advised to make this part of the daily diet.
Cherry Juice:

Gout problem can be solved taking in lots of fresh fruits including cherries in particular is known to reduce the uric acid which further reduces the chances of gout attacks the body.


This fruit is known to have a lower sugar content and higher potassium levels become alkaline so make it one of the best foods to prevent gout. Symptoms of gout can be combated with a higher level of potassium is present in this fruit with the break up of crystals made by uric acid also ensures that they are sent out from the body.

Low fat dairy products:

Excessive consumption of low-fat dairy products such as milk and yogurt are known to reduce the risk of gout problems cause almost half exclusively in men. Therefore it is recommended by experts that nearly 16 to 24 fluid oz should be enough for those who want to get their gout problems treated.


It has a sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals that are found beneficial for the kidneys by removing the additional amount of uric acid from the body.

There are many who think the drug into a remedy for some problems but if there is a change in diet, along with a lifestyle that will also help in controlling the weight of alcohol should maintain a distance and water must be consumed in increasing amounts in order to treat the early stages of gout by sending too much uric acid from the body.