4 the worst cancer-causing Foods that need to be Avoided

You may live in urban areas, where many restaurants or fast food restaurants sellingfood that can satisfy your request without wasting any time. But in fact, fast food is not the solution to be able to get a healthy meal.

As reported by of www.myhealthtips.in, there were some unhealthy food, which is precisely even trigger cancer you should avoid to eat, among others is

  •     Processed meat

Currently many meat products are not fresh or already through the process ofprocessing and the addition of many chemicals such as a food preservative. This is veryunhealthy because in addition to his nutritional, almost no processed meats are alsoalready through the addition of sodium, and a variety of chemicals that are known tobe carcinogenic to the body.

  •     Food that is burnt or smoked

Many people love the food burned with charcoal such as Satay or barbeque, but in reality, the process of cooking this way is not healthy. Burn the food she bags the coalswill be exposed to a charcoal black are carcinogenic. Material in the form ofhydrocarbons which can then increase the risk of cancer.

  •     Drinks containing artificial sweeteners

A study proved that people who drink fizzy drinks at least two servings per day turnshave the potential of 87% develop digestive cancers. Food coloring and artificial sweeteners on fizzy drinks have been known to cause cancer or tumor cells develop.

  •     Fried foods

Obviously fried foods is not a food that can be eaten safely, because it not only addscalories in food, also contain cholesterol and trans fats that can trigger the emergence of cancer. Especially fried foods at fast-food restaurants or other, usually using the oil that has been used repeatedly.

There are a few more that you should avoid for food, namely canned food and vegetable or fruit that has been injected with chemicals present in the planting. Thefood is good on the tongue, and maybe some of you liked it a lot, but if you have an adverse effect to health, we recommend that you do not eat a lot Yes Ladies, or better not to eat at all.