Generating A Sense Of Happy Meal

While the mood was ugly, some of us may have a fondness for eating correct mood.Choose a certain type of food is indeed trigger the release of hormones dopamine in the brain. This type of food will bring a feeling of happy.

1. natural foods

As much as possible natural foods konsumsilah homemade material if it can be grownin the garden. Avoid processed foods that have been so. "A lot of research in the field of nutrition and neuroscience reveals those who consume processed foods modernexperience increased depression, anxiety, mood swings, hyperactivity and many types of mental and emotional problems," said Dr. Drew Ramsey, a psychiatrist and bloggerfrom the Huffington Post.

2. Salmon

Salmon and other fish that are rich in omega three fatty acids plays an important rolekeeping the mood and our mental health. Research has proven that these healthy fatty acids have benefits protect the body from depression. In fact there are other studiesthat prove the omega three fatty acids reduce anxiety perceived medical students.

Sources of omega 3 fatty acids are also present on the mackerel are cheap the merrier.These fatty acids are also found in nuts walnuts.

3. almonds

Amond contains compounds called tyrosine. This is the production of the neurotransmitter dopamine and Builder of generating other mood in the brain. It means that eating one peanut tangkup almon not only improve the health of the heartand blood vessels due to fiber and monounsaturated fatty acids and double. But it alsojacked up the gloomy mood.

4. Apple

Apples are rich in a substance called quercetin, a substance that protects brain cellsfrom free radical attacks that could harm the edges of the neuron.

5. Chocolate

The majority of women eating chocolate when feeling sad. In addition to the tasty andrich in antioxidants, chocolate does help reduce anxiety. Those who are anxious or oftenbeset by anxiety, chocolate milk can help reduce anxiety. Those who do not have a history of often stricken with anxiety, dark chocolate is more suitable for them.

6. Kuaci Sunflowers

Kuaci Sunflower is also rich in tyrosine which is beneficial to boost the mood. Kuacibung Sun also has vitamin E and selenium. Vitamin E is beneficial to maintain health of the heart and blood vessels.

7. know the

Tofu is also a source of tyrosine. In addition know is a source of protein from soybeansthat nourish the heart. Sources of soy protein is also good to reduce the symptoms of menopause.