When is the right time to do Yoga practice?

Love the sport yoga? Or still want to start doing yoga exercise? Yoga is indeed one of the sports that could make our body healthy and fit. In fact, such as that offered bythehealthsite.com, yoga can also help us relieve various ailments like joint pain, arthritis,respiratory disorders, upper spondilosis and a number of mental illness. In addition toour proficiency level should pay attention to in doing yoga, the timing is also very important. Here's some rules in choosing the right time to do yoga exercises.

The morning is the most Recommended
According to Dr. Phulgenda Sinha, author of "Yogic Cure for Common Diseases", yoga exercises are best done in the morning, before breakfast (with an empty stomach). Butif there were doing yoga exercises in the morning, you can do so at any hour providedwith an empty stomach.

Our body takes three to four hours to really digest and process foods that we consume. And if you're just drinking coffee, tea, juices, and other drinks, you have to wait 30 minutes to an hour before doing yoga exercises.

At The Moment The Body Relax
When choosing the right time to do yoga, you should ensure that your body is completely relaxed and normal conditions. Why? Due to the practice of yoga takes the focus and flexibility. And both the new thing to be gained when we've been reallyrelaxed.

The same time every Day
According to Dr. Phulgenda, the election time to do exercises asanas unnecessary mess.Because the bottom line is we must ensure that we practice at the same time each day.So choose one time or certain hours where you really focus this time to do yoga exercises.

It is important to note that we should consistently doing yoga exercises to get the changes we want. Basically, we need to do a series of movements of yoga for five to sixdays per week to get the changes we want, either in an effort to lose weight or torelieve stress.

Do One Rehearsal Every Day
It is strongly recommended to perform yoga exercises just one time each day. It's goodalso to consult your yoga trainer in advance if you want to do yoga exercises more than once each day.

Doing yoga exercises regularly also helps us to maintain the health of body and mind.To get optimal results, Giampaolo also with eating healthy foods and getting enough rest