Want Longevity, Mandi Warm Water!

The BENEFITS of a warm bath does not only make the body come back refreshed, butcan extend the life You know?.

According to the young doctor from the PROVINCIAL HOSPITAL Dr. Saiful Anwar, Dikawhile you bathe with warm water, it turns out there are deposits of a protein which is beneficial for the body, namely, HSP70.

"There is a protein that terstimulasi if we shower with hot water. And it turns out great for proteins regenasi cell. So the fact is, people who like to shower with warm water, itwas longer, because there was a fast protein tersimulasi regenasi cell with warm water,"beber Dika which are also becoming one of finalist HiLo Green Ambassador 2014, when encountered by Okezone in Jakarta not long ago.

In addition to the warm water is believed to extend the life of you, other benefits areable to relieve the cough disease attacking us.

"That's because with a breath of hot steam that comes out of the warm water, being able to eliminate phlegm throat irritation that causes us," pungkasnya.