This versatile Spice turmeric, has great benefits

Turmeric is not just any seasoning or flavor enhancer for Your dishes. But this versatilespice turned out to have a lot of great benefits to the health of the body. As reported by by, turmeric has been used to cure a variety of ailments ranging from liver disease to overcome depression. And the following six benefits of turmericfor health (and you will increasingly have a compelling reason to always keep a stock ofthe bright yellow spice in your kitchen).

1. Relieve Gastric Pain or Ulcers
In a small study in 1989, the supplement made from turmeric plants proved to be more effective in coping with pain, gastritis, stomach and digestive disorders rather than a placebo. It could be because of turmeric's ability to fight inflammation.

2. Could Prevent heart attacks
Curcumin, turmeric compounds in it has a lot of benefits for the health of the body.This is what makes turmeric compound is famous for its yellow color cerahnya.
A study involving 121 patients who've undergone surgery pirau (bypass surgery) isperformed by 2012 have proved one of the great benefits of Curcumin. in the study, three days before and five days after the surgery, half the pasin consuming capsules ofCurcumin, with the rest taking placebo capsules. During his stay in swamp hospitalgoes without surgery, more patients in the placebo group had a heart attack thanpatients of Curcumin.
From the above research, it can be noted that the content of an anti oxidant and antiinflammatory in Curcumin can reduce the risk of heart attacks by as much as 65 percent on pirau patients.

3. Diabetic Hamper
Curcumin capsules terbukt can prevent type 2 diabetes in people who have diabetescould potentially be (prediabetes), according to research by 2012. For nine months,participants in the study were given Curcumin capsules have also given placebocapsules. And the result is more than 16 percent of those taking the placebo pills was diagnosed with type two diabetes at the end of the study. While people who are consuming the capsules Curcumin is not affected by diabetes.

4. prevent cancer
Although human studies have still not been developed, research in the laboratory and research on animals has shown the positive effects of Curcumin in cancer prevention efforts. According to the American Cancer Society, Curcumin may inhibit the development and spread of the cancer. Even that Curcumin can also kill cancer cells inlaboratory research, shrink the tumors, and enhance the effect of chemotherapy in animals.

5. Protect the brain
Aromatic or ar-Turmerone turmerone might not be as popular as Curcumin. But ar-tumerone in turmeric it can fix the stem cells in the brain. In a study recently, seen that the ar-tumerone has the potential to be used as a treatment for people who suffer from neurodegenerative diseases such as stroke and Alzheimer 's.

6. Prevent joint pain
Supplement of extracts of turmeric turns out could function like ibuprofen is used as medicine by patients with osteoarthritis of knee ailments.

Turmeric turns out does have many benefits. But it's good, if you want to consume a supplement from extract of turmeric, consult with your doctor first. Body condition andyour medical history can determine whether or not You secure so consuming certainsupplements.