Therapy for Child victims of sexual violence

Any form of violence leads to bad, either physical or psychic. In fact, if not immediatelyaddressed, the development and growth of the child will be disturbed.

Sexual violence experienced by children does not necessarily pose a direct impact. This is because a child's understanding of the events that affect them is different. On the ages of adolescents, they immediately understand the events of sexual violence will ruinher life so that their reactions will be directly visible.

According to child psychiatry dr.Tjhin Wiguna SP. A, though not directly visible impact, but the children need mentoring and should continue to monitor his condition.

"Doctor or psychiatrist will be doing just my assesment whether there are problems with emotions or behavior after that event. If no, continue to be monitored because they are at high risk behavior of misbehaving, "he said when contacted KompasHealth(16/4/14).

Children are victims who should get the attention and support of the people around him to make physical wounds and trauma psikisnya can be cured.

Therapy for child victims, clearly Tjhin, miscellaneous. For young children usually do play therapy. "For example, children are invited to draw to help the child express his feelings," she said.

In addition it can also do cognitive therapy and a range of other therapies according tothe condition of the child. "The Aim originally was entered into an emotion with the child so that the child can still be expressing her feelings though not always throughthe words," he said.

Parents can find help for a child to therapy psychologists or psychiatrists to recoverwounded inner child. In Jakarta's RSCM, among others, there is also a post traumastress recovery clinic, child and adolescent psychiatric clinics, or integrated crisis centerin Jakarta and Police RS RSCM.