The Gradual Sexual Desire After Giving Birth

Although the time of parturition has been completed, many new mothers who gave birth to his sexual arousal feels quenched. How to reignite the sex?

Sexual intercourse after the presence of the fruit of the heart is indeed different.Moreover, according to Madeline Castellanos, psychiatrist, many mothers who recentlygave birth to a sex disorder experienced vaginal dryness due to hormonal factors.

However young mother who was often more quickly regain his sexual passion. "More and more old age of the mother, the greater the impact of hormonal changes that arefelt. Likewise mother who already has some children that have experienced hormonal changes several times, "says Castellanos.

After giving birth, there are several factors that make the new moms to lose sexual arousal. The biggest factor is hormonal. When the pregnant body will pump estrogento create the best environment for the growth of the baby. These hormones will go down in a month or a few weeks after birth.

Breastfeeding may also lead to the vagina becomes drier. "This biological Factorcoupled with lack of sleep due to busy taking care of the baby, of course it is very difficult to have a normal sex life," she said.

One way to restore sexual desire quickly is to balance the hormone levels in the body.How, back to a healthy diet.

"The Advice is easier said than done, let alone have a baby to be taken care of. But thisis very important, "he said.

Improve eating patterns can be done from the small things, for example, reduce thesugar or foods high in carbohydrates. Nursing mothers it is not advised to diet too tight, but we can limit the intake of unhealthy.

The consumption of protein and healthy fats like avocados to make the hormones backin balance. Zinc, selenium, and vitamin B can also help.

Exercise is also very important. In addition to generating energy sports also became the most efficient way to balance all the hormones of the body.

A study has also pointed out, women are actively moving can enjoy sex better, due toan increase in blood flow and increases the hormone testosterone.

To relax, take time to pamper yourself. Relax and enjoy what you like when the babysleeps. Even if You haven't been able to enjoy sex as it used to be, but don't ignorehusband. Hugs and have a chat from the heart to the heart can help bring closer ties.

If you continue to have sex again after a few months, please do not hesitate to consulta doctor.