The Benefits Of Caffeine Ingestion Before Exercise

Coffee and tea is a source of caffeine is often done many people before the start of his daily activities or to increase the concentration. However, what if taken before exercise?

Based on a study published Journal of Applied Physiology, drinking a few cups of coffeebefore exercise or do physical activity can make a person feel more happy or unhappy.It can even create a mood for the better pascalatihan or physical exercise.

The researchers then experiment with applying the drinking caffeinated routine in the morning, then go to the gym, breakfast with drinking a cup of other drinks, and lunch.

As many as 14 adults drank caffeine 90 minutes before pedaling a bike at the gym. As a result, those who drank caffeine can feel easier pedaling and better enjoy the physical activity afterward.

"There is some evidence that caffeine containing substances that may affect the sense of happy like dopamine and serotonin," said study author Matthew Schubert as quotedfrom Yahoo Health.

In addition, Team Schubert also wants to see if Caffeine consumption can affect thenumber of someone while eating. As a result, those who were given a placebo can have lunch with 400 calories. While drinking caffeine, eating fewer calories with 72.

According to Schubert, as they enjoy the physical activity then it will affect the appetitebecomes less. Based on other studies, caffeine stimulates the production of the hormone cholecystokinin, which can make a person feel full and fat burning.

In fact, many studies show that drinking coffee can increase endurance when exercisingthe body and reduce the risk of muscle pain by 48 percent.