Sex positions Ideal for back pain Sufferers

 Suffering from back pain can make us uncomfortable performing various physicalactivities, including sexual activity. In serious cases, men who experience back pain and even unable to make love at all.

Sex experts suggest one the best sex position for patients with back pain, namely the position of doggy-style. The conclusions of experts from the University of Waterloo,Canada, it's a little different with the assumption many people mentioning the positionembraced while the most appropriate sideways.

The research team from Canada that conduct documentation to clearly see how the movement of the spine when someone having sex. They also analyze the results of theinformation elektromagnetif and shooting infrared.

The experts create sexual position based on a number of recommendations on what triggers the onset of back pain.

Recommendation doggy-style sex position is given to those who suffer from back painflexion-intolerant, IE a pain his back more severe when they touch the feet or sit for a long time.

Chief Researcher, Natalie Sidokerwicz said, because the various types of back pain then no one sex positions that apply equally to everyone.

"Sex Position that is suitable for one type of back pain is not necessarily suitable foranother," he said.