Make it a habit of breakfast with 3 Quick Healthy Menu Is

Breakfast is one of the activities of the morning meal that is often overlooked until now. How not to be ignored, it is often a lot of people didn't get to prepare breakfastin the morning for not having enough time to prepare it. Often they feel hungry or notyet hungry during the morning. But these habits must be changed immediately if youwant to run a healthy lifestyle Ladies.

If you like replace breakfast with cereal or just eat a snack of chips on the way to your Office or campus, dispose of such habits. Although it may be you already fill your stomach with cereals, but as quoted from, that choice is not really healthy. You need to replace your breakfast with a more nutritious and makes your body is able to get a decent energy from food in the morning.

Try the parfait

This is one healthy breakfast options that are simple and easy to prepare. You simplycreate a glass and fill glass with ground nuts such as almonds or oats then cover with 2 tablespoons of plain yogurt, and then stack it with strawberries and oranges, then cover with honey and cover again with plain yogurt. Sprinkle with raisins in it. Simple,isn't it?

Try oats

This is a selection of food and a source of carbohydrate and protein GLUT, namely by adding milk to the oats you seduh. Seduh oats with hot water before and after youbathe, shower, just add milk and fruit that you like.

Try the egg

You can also prepare hard boiled eggs and 2 pieces for granted. You could make it as an omelette if bored with hard boiled eggs. You can also mengkreasikan omelets withextra shredded chicken meat or vegetable. You can also make an already beaten eggsmixed with a little salt and vegetables and mengukusnya for 5 minutes, ready to eat.

It's her some healthy breakfast menu if you don't have a lot of time preparingbreakfast. Easily and can be applied as a diet anyway. If you like your sandwich, thenreplace the fresh bread with whole wheat bread and mayonaise, reduce and replace it with low fat mayo.