How to form a Slim Body (Part 3)

If the Ladies are doing cardio exercises that Ladies like and do it with an intervalworkout that includes quick slim body shaping, then the next Ladies need a new challenge in the exercise.

Based on an excerpt from, doing push-ups and lunges. Performmultiple sets of push-ups and lunges exercise every day will help the formation of Yourmuscles and make you look thinner and toned at the end of the week, Ladies. Give thetime of at least 30 minutes to do it.

Practice lunges can be performed by using a barbell as ballast. Put both your handsthat hold the barbell side stuck to the body and start walking right to the front andlower the body until the knee forming a right angle or 90 degrees and the rear legs outalmost touching the ground.

Hold a few seconds and repeat with the left leg. So on up to 15-20 repetitions. These exercises will tighten the muscles of the thighs and calves also trained strength of your joints.

If you will be wearing something that shows the upper body like a bikini or evening dress, then doing more push-ups will be submitted the appearance you want. Push-upexercises will target the upper body and arms and shoulders makes it look more toned.

However, if the Ladies are planning on going to wear something that shows the lower part of the body such as shorts or miniskirts, doing lunges exercises will tighten thebutt, hips and thighs you. Just choose only, where the Ladies love.