How To Care For And Eliminate The Former Luka Stitches

The stitch scars sometimes interfere with your appearance. Like former seam stitchingoperations or former accident sometimes stand out and it feels like the sores will grow.Moreover, if the former are body parts that look like legs invisible even though as inthe stomach.

Thus, how can I eliminate it Yes Ladies? Or, take care of him so as not to become a place of breeding bacteria?

According to the explanation of Dr. Tri Ari Wibowo of, to take care ofthe operation scar or just less than a week. Then, if you use conventional wrap mustoften to replace balut. Whereas if you use a cover wound dressing can be varied as a modern transparent dressings, foam, hidrogel, silver, etc. must be adjusted to thecondition of the injured is the wounds dry, wet, bloody, or prone to infection or ulcers.

To eliminate the former surgery then should also be considered regarding the condition of the former operations. If the former is still on the surface of the skin thenthere are several laser therapy and creams that can be applied. This you can consult to a specialist skin and genital (KK Sp.). If the menimbul or in the former you can consultthe specialist plastic surgery reconstruction and aesthetic (BP-RE Sp.).

Meanwhile, the former standout that feels like stitch is one of the healing process of wounds during the formation of collagen is back. To avoid scarring the menimbul you can do a wrap of press or anti cream slathered Keloids.

You can consult it directly to a specialist plastic surgery reconstruction and aesthetic(BP-RE SP.) to prevent the formation of scar tissue handling/Keloids further.