High Cholesterol? Try This Food Consumption!

High cholesterol, heard the word that comes to Your mind is definitely a dangerousdisease. Yup, high bad cholesterol levels were causing a dangerous disease. Therefore, to avoid high cholesterol, You should be able to maintain the diet and intake ofnutrients into your body.

To lower and avoid getting high cholesterol, you need to consume some cholesterol-lowering foods. This is to avoid the risk of complications such as coronary heart disease,stroke and blood vessel constriction, offered from MeetDoctor.com. Such food, among other things:

Green tea
Green tea has a chemical component that could push the activity of burning fat cells, including the bad cholesterol. So start replace coffee with green tea every morning or afternoon. However, do not consume the tea after meals, so as not to disrupt the absorption of proteins. So, please wait for approximately 2 hours before or after eating.

Omega-3 has been shown to significantly lower kosleterol. In addition, omega-3sprevent thickening of blood cholesterol buildup caused as well as reduce the risk of complications due to cholesterol. You can get omega-3 in fish (tuna or salmon) and thenuts such as almonds.

Fresh Lemon
Lemon contains compounds that can help lower cholesterol as an antioxidant as well aschemical compounds called limonoid. You can consume in a way made juice with a bit of sugar is low in calories. Or, you could also use a little sprinkling of chili powder forwaging a metabolism.

Source of fibre
Fibrous foods such as fruits and vegetables can lower cholesterol, digestive, and provides a staged supply of nutrients that can reduce the risk of stroke, hypertension and coronary heart disease. If you want to eat fruit or vegetables, make sure youmengonsumsinya in agroforests.

Cinnamon can also help to lower high cholesterol levels. Although good for lowering cholesterol, but you do not need to consume cinnamon in numbers too much. Just 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon and sprinkle over baked whole wheat bread, porridge oatsor blended into a smoothie.
Ladies, high cholesterol not only occurs in old age only lho. You who are still aged 20-30s can also have high cholesterol levels. Therefore, yuk fix your diet starting from now!