High cholesterol at a young age, what's the Harm?

Cholesterol does not occur only in the elderly only. At the age of 20-30s, you could have high cholesterol levels if you can't keep your food intake. Then, what was thecause? And, what are the symptoms of having high cholesterol levels?

As explained by Dr. Rahajeng Arianggarini of the MeetDoctor.com, high cholesterol levels in the blood are influenced by some of the things that the consumption of foodshigh in cholesterol levels, are not routinely doing sports/exercise, smoking, and family history. High cholesterol levels usually occur in people who are overweight or obese.

In addition, the high cholesterol levels in the blood, according to medical references, usually don't have symptoms. Laboratory blood test results needed to know thecholesterol levels in the blood. You need to know is that high cholesterol levels can lead to heart attack and stroke.

If cholesterol levels are already high, the fix i.e. changed Your lifestyle, i.e. reducingconsumption of foods containing cholesterol, do regular exercise, and avoid smoking. If you already fix Your lifestyle, LDL cholesterol levels are still high, you are advised to consume a cholesterol drug. Whereas if your cholesterol levels over 200 mg/dL, it is advisable to consume the cholesterol medicine accompanied by the continuing changes in lifestyle to become more healthy.

Well Ladies, from now on, let's apply a healthy lifestyle to avoid dangerous diseases likehigh cholesterol levels.