Have Large Breasts Accelerates Death

Many people suspect the advent of the death cause of infectious disease infectious or not. But who would have thought, having big breasts turned out to shorten your age.However, there are still 10 other cause of death is suspected, as reported by Boldsky, Thursday (23/10/2014)

Has big tits

Come on, try to check tits now! According to the latest studies, women who have largebreast size, estimated to be died five years earlier than term life. Therefore, having large breasts would be at risk of developing a disease, such as pain in the back, the arms andthe neck area.

Excessive coffee drinking

Many are judging coffee can nourish a person. However, instead of coffee thus became one of the causes of the coming of death. Too many quick turns drinking coffee raise blood pressure. His influence can also enable the production of epinephrine and stopsthe activity of insulin in the body. Thus, excessive drinking coffee can shorten Yourlifespan.

The consumption of nuts

Everyone definitely likes to consume nuts. Even the food one can tempt and makehooked. However, looking at the substance, nuts have phytates which block absorption of essential minerals, such as iron, zinc and calcium magnesiumm. When there is ablock in the body, can lead to type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis and other autoimmunediseases.

Taking medication to sleep

The use of sleeping pills is always misguided. Almost every human being swallowedsleeping pills while stricken with insomnia due to stress. Experts say, if someoneswallows as much as 132 points sleeping pills a year, have a tendency to bring cancer.Thus, don't be too dependent with sleeping pills so that they cannot turn off yourself.

Too much salt

Salt became the mainstay of many as the most powerful food seasoning. However, whowould have thought too excessive salt consumption can lead to death. Salt can causekidney stones, hypertension until eventually leads to stroke and heart attack.