Eat Eggs and meat at breakfast

Breakfast is not a priority when you are in a hurry to go to the Office, wake up sleeping through, or for children who are late to school. In fact, the morning meal can be beneficial to the health of the body.

Take your time breakfast prior to doing daily activities. In order to provide energythroughout the day, preferably protein-rich food consumption in the morning likeeggs, bacon, sausage, and beans.

Experts say, foods that contain protein can increase the chemical substances in the brain, including dopamine. Increased dopamine levels in the brain, which can make you more passionate and energized, as well as easy to concentrate.

What about those who missed the ceremony? It thus can make you eat more and eventually lead to weight gain.
Researchers in the United States in the study found that teens who not breakfastpotentially obese. If the morning meal with protein-rich foods, allowing them to eatexcessively or not enough during the day.

According to this researcher, dopamine levels in the brain can indirectly prevent a person becoming obese. "Our research indicates, people experience a decrease incravings for sugary foods when they have eaten breakfast," said lead researcher,Heather Leidy, from the University of Missouri, Columbia.

Dopamine levels in the brain as well as the hormones that regulate appetite. According to the researchers, the hormone dopamine is also capable of inducing a feeling of being appreciated so that help a person manage the intake of food.

To prevent a person's propensity to overeat while preventing weight gain diet behaviorresearchers try to identify with the feeling got a reward and a lack of passion for theconsumption of food high in fat.
"People often skip breakfast food cravings will, overeating, and obesity," stated Leidy.

Research participants, namely, the young women with an average age of 19 years.However, according to the researchers, these findings also apply to adults.