Drinking Soy Milk, How Healthy?

If you want to drink milk, but problematic because you are allergic to the lactose in themilk of dairy cows and other animals, it might be worthwhile if the replace by drinkingsoy milk. Soy milk, as the name suggests, is milk which is obtained by means ofcrushing soybeans, filtered or taken which could be summarised. That way, you candrink the milk without having to feel miserable.

Of course the content of cow's milk with soy milk is different, but no less wonderful soy milk health. As quoted from healthmeup.com, the number of calories soy milknecessarily lower than cow's milk. In 100 ml soy milk without added sugar or anything,just contains approximately 54 calories and soy milk including the fat-free.

Vegetable Protein in soy milk is a protein that can reduce LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) and increase the level of HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol). Although it was not as effective as cow's milk in terms of increasing muscle mass, however wheyprotein in soy milk being able to build muscle. Not just the protein alone, soy milk is also rich in vitamin and mineral nutrients such as vitamin A, vitamin D and calcium.

Studies also show that soy may be effective in preventing and treating prostate cancer and may reduce menopause symptoms such as decreased hormones in the body.However, due to the possibility of soy milk can increase the risk of breast cancer in women and prostate in men because it is rich in estrogen, then konsumsinya should be limited.

Soy milk also may not be drunk by children, pregnant or nursing, because usually notprocessed when fully mature. But drinking soy milk is also very good help programyour weight loss diet, as they contain high protein and fat, as well as low in calories. So,like soy milk, Ladies?