Diet Secrets in Seaweed

Seaweed could be an important element in the effort of weight loss, said a number ofexperts.

Scientists at the University of Newcastle said a alginat, components found in seaweedcan suppress the process of digestion of fats in the gut.

Research results are published in the journal Food Chemistry shows that one type of fat absorption alginat can lose up to 75 percent.

Although it is not regarded as sufficient food is tasty, experts suggests that natural fiber found in sea grass could be the key to success in weight loss.

Chairman of the research, Professor Jeff Pearson, from the Institute of cell and molecular Biotechnology, University of Newcastle, said: "we are trying to add a alginaton bread, and initial tests indicate a very encouraging."

Report: Obesity?

Now the next step is to conduct clinical trials to find out how effective alginat wheneaten as part of a normal diet.

Researchers in these trials investigated the ability of a alginat to reduce fat cleaved bydigestive enzymes, lipase by the pancreas.

The less of this enzyme works, the absorption of fats will be less.

In the meantime, they say it can help fight obesity, diet experts others say the best wayto avoid the absorption of too much fat is to keep reducing the amount of fat intakeeach day.

Obesity is becoming an increasingly large threat especially in developing countries, said the report of a Research Institute in the United Kingdom.