Beware, The Artificial Sweeteners Also Increasing Blood Sugar Levels

Ladies, don't think you are only at risk of experiencing an increased amount of blood sugar when consumed pure sugared food and beverages only. glucose and sucrose is indeed a cause of the keladi all your blood sugar levels, but there are some things you have to consider as well.

As long as this person assume that foods with sugar that is not ' original ' or artificialsugar, will not cause an increase in blood sugar levels and weight. But based on an excerpt from, artificial sugars chemicals it just shows the opposite effect. A new study found that sweetener claimed non-caloric apparently can changeyour metabolism and increase blood sugar levels.

This has been tested on mice and some people. Researchers said that the negative effects of artificial sweeteners should be examined again to see the interaction ofbacteria in the gut of humans with the artificial sweeteners. For some people, the reaction or artificial sugar very effect may vary, and some people may experience increased blood sugar levels.

In the experiment on mice, the scientists add that the artificial sweetener, saccharin,sucralose or both aspartame was able to raise blood sugar levels and even change the function of intestinal bacteria so that the necessary control by administering antibiotics.It then continued with research on humans and indeed an increase in blood sugar levels against 400 people tested, and changes to the bacteria in the gut.

Whereas the artificial sweetener was introduced to lower consumption of calories and sugar the original so as not to cause an increase in weight and prevent an increase inblood sugar. But research suggests otherwise.

Artificial sweeteners are often found in food and drink packaging, especially sweetsugary drinks packaging, such as sodas and drinks taste. You can see the nutritionalinformation labels on the back of the Pack, and can determine what you can consumeand what should be avoided Yes Ladies.