4 Tips to keep the body from Dehydration

Water is one of the important components in your body. No wonder if the body will not be able to live without water. Even the majority of your body is water and if you are doing the fast and not eat at all, you still need water to survive.

That is why it is very important also keep the body remain hydrated and avoid thedisadvantages of water in the body. Based on an excerpt fromwww.everydayhealth.com, there were a few brief tips and can be done on a daily basisin order to avoid the body from dehydration, among others is

Prepare a glass of water near the bed
Before you sleep or when you wake up in the morning, it would be very good to drinkplain water first at least 1 glass. This is because during sleep, the body will alsoexperience a decrease in the amount of water in the body through breathing andregulates body temperature.

In the morning you'll feel bad breath because of dry mouth and throat. That's the signYou need to recharge Your body water after water is used throughout the night in the body.
Calculate how many glasses you drink
If you don't know how much water you have a drink, then count how many glassesyou have spent for a day, starting early in the morning until the evening. If more than8 glasses, it will be better. If felt still less, then drink some more.

Understand your body's signal haus
If you feel like eating again and have eaten a lot, then it means that you are thirsty. If you want to reduce food intake due to diet, it would be better also if preceded bydrinking a glass of water before you actually eat something.
Eat foods rich in water
If drinking white water course boring, then there is no harm in replacing and multiplyvegetable and fruit juicy as watermelons, pears, melons, oranges and all kinds of water-rich fruit. You can also make water infused with adding honey with fruit pieces into a pitcher of drinking water so that more fresh.
Remember also, that the more the age increase, you'll also need plenty of water to stay fresh and keep the performance of the organs of the body. Yuk please follow the tipsabove to keep it could maintain the stability of the body, Ladies.