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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

White underarm Treatment with Potato

Dark armpits? Shame! Yap. Most women are naturally embarrassed if you have blackarmpits Armpit, because black is making a motion to be finite, even reduce our sense ofPD. We often make the wrong way of shaving and deodorant use that too oftenexcessive as the prime suspect and makes skin blackened armpit. In fact, the causes ofunderarm skin blackened's not only that.

Underarm skin cells that die could also be a cause of underarm skin black lho, Ladies! If so, how do I whiten underarm skin as readily kala? Many women are trying treatmentsalon like waxing or electrolysis, wah expensive dong? Wait a minute. If you worry about the expensive costs Salón, then perhaps it's good You do natural treatments forunderarm skin is black with the potatoes.

Referred to in, the underarm skin blackened caused by dead skin cells which can be resolved by downloading the underarm skin scrub, and the potato is one of the natural remedies that you can use ladies. Yap.

In addition to the lemon, potato is also a natural for skin whitening ingredients. How do you do? You could do a black underarm skin care using potatoes in 2 ways. What's it?

First, you can use them directly as a mask that is rubbed on the underarms with thin-cut it thin. Second, you can rough memarut potato and put it as a mask for 5 – 10minutes in the armpits, kemuan menggosok-gosokkannya.

Oiya, to complement the treatment of potatoes, you can also use alum. After the use of potatoes, wash clean the armpits and then rub the alum in your armpit. Alum serves to absorb the extra moisture and prevent body odor causing bacteria growing in the armpit.

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