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Saturday, November 22, 2014

What Is the Difference Between Sugar in a Piece of Fruit and Sugar in Fruit Juice From Concentrate?

Depending on the brand of fruit juice concentrates, some or all of the sugar in the juice may be the same as those found in a piece of fruit. However, this is not the case in many brands of fruit juice concentrates. Many manufacturers are adding extra sugar which is not naturally found in the original fruit.

Natural sugar

Fruit, fruit juices, and because it contains sugars that occur naturally. This type of sugar known as fructose. Each type of sugar contain significant calories and no nutritional value beyond its use to generate energy. However, foods that are naturally high in fructose-like fruit-rich nutrients tend to be whole. Therefore, they are much more lucrative sources of sugar from foods that have sugar added artificially added to them, either in the form of a candy bar, sugar added fruit juice concentrate or other food.

Added Sugars

Concentrated juice that is not marked as "100 percent natural," "no added sugars" or a similar term may contain additional sugar and other products. This sugar can be added as sucrose, which is found in the usual cane. However, in many cases, it is an extra fructose, mainly in the form of high fructose corn syrup, which is a chemical sweetener-formulated and very intense.

The Risk Of Excess Sugar

Eating too many foods that contain significant extra sugar, like sugar added fruit juice concentrate, can lead to a weight gain of unhealthy caloric intake that you added. Cavities and dental problems also often occur in people with diets high in sugar. In addition, consuming too much extra sugar can cause an increased risk of heart disease, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Recommendations Intake

The recommended intake of added sugar is around 100 calories for women and about 150 calories for men, according to the American Heart Association. Many people far exceed these recommendations just because the prevalence of sugar added in many processed foods. This includes foods that are healthy-looking, such as fruit juice concentrates. To reduce Your sugar intake, check the ingredient list and nutrition information of any of concentrated juice to ensure that no additional sugar was added to it.

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  1. I personally abstain from consuming concentrated fruit juice as there is sugar and preservatives which may not be good for health. You should drink freshly prepared fruit juices only.

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