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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Walking Barefoot Healthier!

RUNNING Barefoot has been scientifically proved to have some health benefits.According to the ancient concept, this habit can be an alternative healing therapies.Barefoot running allows you to connect more closely with the Earth. A direct relationship between the body with the energy of the Earth is believed to be able topositively affect your health.

The heart, brain, immune system, nervous system, and muscles of the human being isthe power subsystem operates in a body of ' bioelektrik '. On the other hand, the environment around us contain electromagnetic fields (EMF). When people are exposed to EMF, it increases the amount of the resulting free radicals in your body. Positively charged free radicals can then cause inflammation and disease.

Meanwhile, the Earth has a limitless source of free electrons are negatively charged.When you direct contact with the soil, the energy flow naturally from the earth canneutralize the effects of free radicals which affect your health.

Walking barefoot can neutralize free radicals, which in turn reduces oxidative stress and help you quickly recover from an illness, injury, trauma, etc. This also reduces thechronic inflammation that is often associated with certain conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, arthritis, and many more.

In addition, as quoted Healthmeup, Wednesday (22/10/2014), walking on the groundbarefoot can improve sleep quality, improved body balance, and also improves theblood circulation. You can spend time walking barefoot or sit outside in the courtyard or on the sand, at least 60 minutes per day to get the benefits.

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