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Friday, November 7, 2014

Top 10 Vegetables for a Healthy Diet

For anyone who puts in a great effort to lose weight it is advisable to completely include vegetables in the diet is said to play a role that is much healthier. For those who want to get their bodies back into shape or tone to see more should definitely make the vegetables become part of the daily diet.

It has also been reported that eating nearly 8 servings of vegetables each day is said to enhance immune power in the body to ward off any damage that causes diseases such as heart problems, diabetes and cancer.

Here are the top 10 vegetables for a healthy diet:


Although they are often referred to as fruits used as vegetables are considered good for those wanting to know the food will be against cancer because of likopen and red balls. Also vitamins A, K is said to keep a check on blood pressure levels in the body.


These vegetables are given the highest position when it comes to vegetables found to fight effectively against disease. A whole arsenal of antioxidants are said to fight any cancer that affects the stomach, rectum and lung. Also the broccoli is said to be full of folate, beta-carotene and vitamin C which increases the immune power to stand against the cold and flu.

Brussels Sprouts:

This is one of the best foods for pregnant women because the rich source of vitamin B and folic acid which prevents uteral tube problems. They also have a richer content like vitamin C, K, potassium and fiber, omega 3 fatty acids.


The carrot is a nutritious food providing additional benefits for hair, skin and eyes to make them the best source of pro-vitamins and beta-carotene. Carrots from a long time is said to have a positive effect on improvised vision improvement in Vitamin C, with content that is said to keep checks on sugar levels in the body which is very beneficial for the heart.


One other vegetable that are beneficial to pregnant women with richer content of fibre, vitamin B6 and folate is said to improve heart health. They are also known to have a low sodium content makes them the best choice for better working of the colon.

Sweet Potatoes:

A source rich in vitamins A, C and manganese in their full quality that puts big also made it the best defense to improve the digestive system. It is also a source of energy due to the increasing presence of iron and fiber.


Nasunin which is a unique antioxidant present in eggplants which helps protect brain cells against damage. They also said it is likely to reduce the risk of stroke and dementia due to potassium and fiber while the best quality from low calorie Eggplant and even have a good effect on the heart.

Bell Peppers:

Regardless of the color of their paprika has had a healthy heart for properties such as lycopene and folic acid. They are also said to reduce the chances of falling prey to cancer


There is no challenge to the fact that green leafy vegetables are the reason for the strength of the muscle due to the presence of flavonoids compounds 13 which keeps a distance from the body against heart disease, osteoporosis and cancer.

The Onion:

Immunity of Ascend higher amounts when the onion is made part of the daily diet, they also have a peptide which is usually called the GPCS which makes checking the levels of calcium in the body. Extra onions have Vitamin C, folate, which have a better effect on digestive health.

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