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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Recognize the truth 3 myths about breast cancer Is

Many women do have to be careful and aware of the dangers of breast cancer can strike anytime and lodged in the woman's body is the sexiest. As a woman, would you also like to know about a wide range of matters relating to breast cancer, evenincluding the myths that are spread over time.

As reported by from, there are several myths about breast cancer that you should know and recognize the truth,

Myth 1: only women with a family history of breast cancer risk
In fact, about 70% of women diagnosed with breast cancer turns out not to have risk factors associated with family who have the same disease.

However, a family history also affect if you are the generation directly from the patient, such as for example, sibling, or child's biological mother. You may have a doubled risk of having breast cancer.

Myth 2: wearing a bra with wire buffer increases the risk of breast cancer
In fact, not true is that the bra berkawat able to interfere with the breast lymphaticsystem, which then leads to toxins accumulate and cause breast cancer. That may relate to whether the underwear is tight You are able to increase the risk for blood circulationless smoothly.

Myth 3: Lump on breast cancer is certainly already
In fact, about 80% of breast lumps in women caused by a benign tumor, cyst orsomething of the sort. But it's good not to ignore this and immediately see a doctor so as not to spread and become more severe.

So, do not think poorly of myths that are spread in the community Yes Ladies, becauseit might be true, it's just that the reason that somewhat sidetracked.

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