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Sunday, November 23, 2014

How to Give "the Talk" to a Pre-Teen

Your day has been afraid since she was born can be delayed again. Your pre-teen will soon enter the world of party GALs and guys dating, if he hasn't already, and she needs to know about sex. Hopefully you've already discussed some aspects of the topic along the way, and he might take more information than you'd think from friends and the internet. Have an honest conversation gave him the opportunity to ask questions and give you the opportunity to provide information that he needs to keep him safe when the time comes.

Step 1
Looking for an opportunity to start a discussion. Listen to your child to name changes in its body or the way her friends act around the opposite sex. Don't wait long for too long, though. suggest that parents should start sex education sooner rather than later – ideally before puberty begins. If an ideal opportunity does not arise quickly, think about where and how your child seems most comfortable talking about a subject that is difficult. You may sit down to talk in his room or bring up the subject relaxed while you're alone in the car or out for a walk together.

Step 2
For hesitant or nervous if that is what you feel, says Say, "it feels a little uncomfortable for me, so it's okay if it was like that for you as well. But it's important that we be able to talk honestly about it. "

Step 3
Review what your child already knows about his own body and the changes that will occur during puberty. Describe what other changes are coming for the children of either gender. Showing her reproductive system diagram might be helpful. recommends explains why girls have periods and breasts and hips that they will start to get round during puberty. Explain that the boys have erections and wet dreams and that their voice will deepen and facial hair will grow. You may tell your child that he or she may feel like to touch herself, and it was normal as long as it is done in private. Say things like, "this change may feel scary or weird, but they are completely normal, and all the kids your age are going to go through them."

Step 4
Ask your child if he has questions. The honest answer is probably. If you don't know the answer to something that he ask, research together or promise you will know later.

Step 5
Talk about feeling interested that people begin to experience about her age, and explain that they are normal, as well. Segue to discuss sex with said that two people might want to express feelings with sex and gives a basic description of what that entails sex. At this point you may want to include your family's belief system into the discussion. For example, a family might say something like, "some people have sex when they are very young, but in this family we believe that sex is very special and just for people who are married." You may offer suggestions for ways she can express the feelings of someone without having sex, such as by holding hands, hugging, kissing and making wise.

Step 6
Explains the emotional and physical consequences of sex. Tell Your pre-teen that sex is very serious and should not be done casually, and explain that sexually transmitted diseases can be spread through sex. Explain that a girl can get pregnant the first time she had sex, and that the only surefire way to avoid pregnancy is to abstain from having sex. Depending on Your belief system, you might still want to talk about the types of contraception and how they work.

Step 7
Invite your child to ask questions again. If she seems uncomfortable, ending the talks and give him a few days to process everything before asking him again if he has questions.


Your pre-teen may be most comfortable talking about sex with parents of the same gender. If that's not an option, you may ask a trusted friend or relative of the gender of your child to have the talk.

This does not need to give Your pre-teen all the information he needs about sex in one long session, said If she seems uncomfortable or overwhelmed, bring the topic only when you see the opportunity appears. For example, if you watch the show in which two characters having sex, talking during a commercial break on the KB.
Your pediatrician can help you prepare to talk to him about sex. You will also find a number of books aiming to explain sexuality pre-teen at the library. Read before talking with your child, or give him some books to see more on himself.

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