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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Empathy Lessons for Teenagers

Empathy is the ability to understand the perspectives and needs of others, which increases the prososial, or help, behavior, according to Psychology Today. Teach your kids how to care about other people and treat them as human beings with feelings is an important role of parents. The desire of each parent to have a child who is able to develop a strong social relationships and blend well with people of all walks. While teens are notorious for selfish behavior, you can teach them how to be more aware of the needs of others.

A Mile in someone's Shoes

Teens are more likely to feel empathy for those people that they can identify with. So one way to teach your teen to develop empathy skills is to help him find what he have in common with others. In addition, in today's virtual relationships over the internet, a direct consequence of the actions of teenagers who rarely. The more you can humanize the victim distress, the easier it is for you to get your teen to respond with empathy. For example, have your teenager walking to school instead of using the car will help him be empathetic towards her classmates who didn't have a car and need a ride from him.

Set The Example

Naturally there is a need in the community to understand the others and can imagine and in touch with the emotions of other people feel, according to TeensHealth. For example, a toddler will cry when other toddlers to tears. Parents can nurture empathy on their children from an early age and build on them as they grow into teenagers with firm to them. By responding to the needs of your teen, you teach him that you love him and that it was not fair to ignore the needs of others. Your teen will associate acknowledged the problems of others and listen to them as a sign of love. Also, highlight the behaviors of empathy with the practice of sharing and being nice to and in your family. If there is a family path in your environment, demonstrate empathy with donated blankets and show your teenager how to find an organization that can help.

Teach Basic Rules Of Empathy

Kids take cues about how to behave from the people around them. Teach teens good manners You such as being polite, using polite phrases such as "please" and "friendly", and everybody treats it well regardless of their social status. Behave well towards people taught him the importance of treating everyone with respect, according to Gwen Dewar, a biological anthropologist and the author of the Science of Parenting site. Also, teach adolescents basic rules by defining how to be assertive in the House. For example, if one of your kids unhealthy, explain to your teen about the importance of supporting his actions such as eating or clean up after a sick child.

Use Experience

Use an unpleasant experience as an educational opportunity. If you go shopping with teenagers and the cashier abusive to you, explain how it makes you feel. Use the personal statement such as "I feel disrespected when the cashier rude to us." As he grows, he will be more aware of how being rude to people can make them feel. If you are watching a movie in which a child is being maltreated, explaining how a child must feel. If your teen comes home looking happy, sit him down and find out if there is something wrong and what you can do to help. Your teen will grow to appreciate the value of caring about others and will extend the same to others.

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