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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Easy Homemade Pregnancy Test

There are many women who do not have access to a clinic or do not have a medicalstore close to where they can buy a pregnancy test kit. For women like that, there are several methods available with which they can prepare homemade pregnancy test.While these tests are not known to carry any danger, they may not be effective as well.As the test is not appropriate, one needs to be careful before opting for homemadepregnancy test.

Points To Note

Even if the result is positive, it does not appear so important that one gets home medical done a pregnancy test or visit a doctor. Then one can arrange to go forprenatal visits. Once again, most of the content that is used in the preparation ofhomemade pregnancy test is dangerous and one needs to be careful. One of thesehazardous materials are bleach should not be inhaled when someone is preparinghomemade pregnancy test.

Every pregnancy test is designed to check your urine for the presence of hCGpregnancy hormone each which stands for human Chorionic Gonadotropin. The amount of hCG in the urine tested. In the case of pregnancy, medical test wands, drops of urine comes in contact with the strip and the effect that will be shown in a few minutes. The effect of hCG are detected in composed of urine or not. There are manyhome kits available that can help a person to identify pregnancy six days beforemenstruation. In the case of the homemade pregnancy test, we must wait until the first day of menstruation to identify the presence of hCG in urine.

Home Made The Pregnancy Test

There are simple steps a homemade one can adopt to detect pregnancy:

with toothpaste

One can make a homemade pregnancy test by

• use a dollop of toothpaste and add them to the urine sample

• There may occur changes color or mixture could turn frothy

These signs may indicate that one was pregnant.

Use Pine Sol

This is a brand that is a reliable home cleaning products. One should use the originalproduct to test the pregnancy, not people that are fragrant or have other chemicalsmixed to generate variants.

Home Made Test With Bleach

If one prepares homemade pregnancy test with bleach, it works in the following way:

• bleach added to urine samples

• If fizzes more or there was a froth that would indicate the possibility of pregnancy

Easy Home Made Test With Vinegar

One can easily set up your homemade test with vinegar:

• a small cup of vinegar should be taken

• urine samples should add to it

• If discoloration of vinegar that would indicate pregnancy.

There are other signs and symptoms that a woman can follow to detect pregnancy.Soft breasts, missed periods, nausea and pain can be seen as signs of pregnancy. Afterthe initial signs are visible, one can refer to the doctor or getting a urine test doneclinically to confirm pregnancy.

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