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Friday, November 21, 2014

Does Your Metabolism Slow When Eating Two Meals?

When your body is changing the food you eat into energy, is known as metabolism. Metabolism refers to how fast or slow the process is going on. The faster your metabolism goes, the more calories you can burn in a typical day. Skip the meal was traditionally considered the metabolism slows down, while eating a few small meals per day have been thinking to speed up metabolism,
according to an article in the online version of the "life of Canada." For this reason, your metabolism may slow if you eat two times a day.

Metabolic Determinant

Most of your metabolic rate is determined by factors that cannot be changed, such as Your gender and age, according to How much your weight also affects your metabolism, as people who are larger burns more calories than their thinner counterparts. Other factors that can be modified in your metabolism how physically active you are and how much Your body processes food throughout the day. About 10 percent of the calories you burn per day used to digest the food and send it to the proper cells in your body, according to This is where the amount of food you have every day can affect your metabolism.

The Reaction Of Your Body

According to "living Canada," your metabolism like wildfire. When you eat, you throw wood on the fire to burn. If you did not add enough wood fire, it will burn and failing to release enough heat or light. Your metabolism reacts a little differently: it slows down. As a result, your body has less blood sugar for energy. According to Health online, this Time cause your body to go into "starvation mode," where more fat stored and your metabolism burns less blood sugar continues to make sure that your body is able to maintain its essential functions will be.

The Influence Of Two Meals

The traditional regimen that makes the fire burning and your metabolism is stable is based on having three meals a day: breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you skip breakfast, your metabolism will switch to fat-saving mode because you burn your calories while sleeping overnight. Skipping lunch means you do not have enough energy to get through the day while skipping dinner means your body may not have enough calories to perform tonight. You can deploy what you eat several times a day as a means to keep your energy levels and metabolism may be stable.

Getting and Losing Weight

Your metabolism is an example of how your body is trying to keep the balance. When you are not eating enough or often enough to give your body enough calories, slowing down. When you eat more calories than you need, metabolic signals your body to store fat go, which makes the weight gain. A slower metabolism may mean you don't burn a lot of calories, but the gain or loss of weight loss has more to do with how many calories you consume, reports This means that if you eat two times a day as a way to lose weight, your body may be trying to hold on to fat that you store. Also, if both very high calorie foods, you can still gain weight. Instead of focusing on the speed of your metabolism, recommends distract you to consume the amount of calories you need and enough to eat to keep your energy levels constant.

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