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Monday, November 3, 2014

Do Not Carelessly Squeeze Pimples!

SQUEEZE or solve acne is often carried out by young people are uneasy with the pimples on the face. But not all acne could safely and to push yourself.
In addition to the habit of pressing the face, there are a few quirks or other errors thatmay be able to add and aggravate acne. The following details as cited Webmd, Tuesday,

Make a mistake when washing the face
Do not use a dirty washcloth or damp when you wash your face. Bacteria can easilythrive in humidity. Use a clean washcloth and dry each time you clean the face. Alsodon't be too often do the treatment removal of dead skin cells using materials or tools that are rough. This can cause irritation and inflammation which facilitates the onset ofacne.

Too many use acne cream
Use acne cream is no good if it is excessive, even some of the ingredients can be veryirritating to the skin. That's why in the instruction how to use the drug on the packaging always recommends that you use a little medication on your face.

Squeeze or solve acne
Some ACNE which has ' eyes ' and rather dries can probably safely and to solve. Whileacne is still red and not cutting edge should not be to squeeze or solved.

However, squeeze the pimples is a bad idea. Squeeze the pimples may push the oil and dirt into the skin and cause a more serious infection and can cause scarring.

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