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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Dirty Phone Causes Facial Acne Arises

You may often go to great lengths to treat acne on your face. While small mistakes in taking care of Your face is still often done and thus add to bad your acne condition.

One of the mistakes that are often made, often we clean the face to eliminate acne, butnot sure you do it right. In addition, there are several other small mistakes you canavoid.

Dirty using a mobile phone
When you receive the call via your mobile phone, it may be stuck on your face is oilyand sweaty. If you do not clean your phone afterwards, when the next call, you can transfer the dirt with bacteria that may have grown to your face.

Facial skin exposed to chemical hair products
If you use chemical products such as hair gel, antifreez penebal hair, pomade, or keepyour hair out of your face. If not, the chemicals that stick to the skin of your face can possibly cause acne. This is as reported by the Webmd on Tuesday (21/10/2014).

Overload in the face wash
Wash your face with SOAP every time your face greasy is an error that must be reduced. Wash your face too often can remove skin essential oil and thus can producemore oil, which can lead to more acne.

Sooner surrender
Most people want to treat acne with instant, even though not all Acne can be curedovernight. Therefore, it is important for you to recognize the type of acne, its causes, and fix errors that make acne fast-growing. If you have been patiently trying howevernot help acne treatment products within two to four weeks, you may need to see adermatologist. It is important to check if you have an acne cyst or if you fear your acnescarring.

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