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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Breast Enlarge Liver mean, even Grow Feathers on the chest

On the human body, there is indeed a delicate feather heavily differ between one person with other people. In addition, the feathers on the body can also be grown in a certain way.

Whereas in this one story, a woman named Cao rumored to grow feathers chest as heperforms breast enlargement therapy. These events happen in 2012 then offered from the Rocketnews.

As a woman who feels her tits are small, Cao wanted to enlarge the breasts of cup B toc. for that he undergo a therapy and massage which cost $ 437 thousand Yuan orabout eight hundred million more.

This therapy goes on for more than a year, until one day, Cao began to feel there was a strange with her tits. He felt the irritation and requesting terapisnya replace oil used.

However, when it is done, there is a change that makes it shock and panic. It appearsthe hair-fine hair that pretty much at her tits. "Even more black Fur from my eyebrows,grown in the area massaged. When held in the dense feel. It feels strange, "said Cao.

After thoroughly investigated with the therapist, apparently during therapy, Cao alsotaking medicine for pregnancy. This affects the performance of the hormonal therapyand a delicate feathers growing in her body so the more dense. In addition, massage oilused seem to come from an agent assured the authenticity of the item.

Long berbuntut this case was finally resolved by the mediation. Cao returned the money as compensation. But the money was eventually used again to do a cleaning offeathers on his chest.

Mean heart want more sexy and confident, even growing fur chest and felt the loss.This is a lesson for all of us to more selective choosing of beauty treatment and keep the assets that have been entrusted to the creator on our bodies.

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