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Monday, November 3, 2014

Avoid These Foods at night Seven days (1)

Not only the weight increase, and poor sleep quality. Eating before bed can alsodamage the esophagus and ditenggorokkan networks and other digestive disorders.Because of the acid reflux will occur when digestive search leads to the chest or throat and can cause a burning sensation. This is often called the silent reflux.

Here are some foods that are not good is consumed at night. Reported bywomenshealthmag. Tuesday (14/10/2014).

Alcohol can loosen the valve that connects the stomach and esophagus. When the digestive system work when sleeping, stomach acid will flow easily because the connecting valve is not functioning optimally. And are reflux can occur.

Soda is actually more acidic than anything else found in nature. The acid causes the same damage, as does alcohol. Coupled with the carbonation that increases abdominalpressure. Will cause inconvenience during nighttime.

Of course the effect is sweet and high-fat can loosen the valve as well. Contents of theobromine in chocolate effect is similar to caffeine, which gives effect to relax the body. so that the connecting valve stretch and reflux can occur is likely to occur. (To Be Continued)

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