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Thursday, November 20, 2014

About Using Condoms

Many birth control options available that help prevent unplanned pregnancy is there, but it's comfortable and condoms, among the most expensive –-– especially since many community centers offer them for free. Furthermore, they are one of only two contraception that also offer protection from sexually transmitted infection, making them an option for safer sex.


Historical evidence shows that the history of condoms is a long one indeed. According to Avert, an organization dedicated to preventing the spread of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections, people of ancient Egypt as far back as 1000 B.C. used fabric sheath to prevent the disease and unwanted pregnancy during sexual intercourse. In 1700 the gut an animal skin or cloth is changed, and the effectiveness of condoms as a preventive measure of pregnancy increases. Rubber condoms debuted in the 19th century, and by the early 1900s, the science of advancing production of plastic opened additional options for condoms.


Today, latex has replaced animal skins and rubber as the material of choice for the manufacture of condoms, Avert notes. Latex condoms have a very thin benefits while still preventing the transmission of the semen and pathogenic bacteria or viruses. Polyurethanes, plastics, also used to make some of the modern condom. While this thinner condoms out of latex, varieties and therefore may offer more sensation for the wearer, they proved to be more expensive. Some condoms made from "Sheepskin"---the real gut-sheep-generally proved difficult to find in stores and they cost quite a bit more than other materials. Furthermore, they do not prevent the transmission of pathogens and proven to be ineffective to prevent sexually transmitted infections.


Planned Parenthood indicates that one of the most important considerations in using condoms included an adequate lubrication---will not only make the relationship tends to be uncomfortable for both parties with no condom, lubricated it incorrectly can be ripped off. Both plastic and latex condoms are soluble in Vaseline and other oil-based lubricant, water-based solution so that like KY Jelly remained the best option.

The Use of

While condoms are easy to use and effective, it is important to put them on the right. Planned Parenthood recommends condom use before starting the genital-genital contact for pregnancy prevention, while disease prevention also requires the protection of a condom for genital-genital contact-mouth and anus. They further noted that it is very important to use a fresh condom for each sexual encounter-new--after ejaculation, they recommend removing and discarding the condom immediately. Condoms are very sensitive to heat and can be destroyed from time to time, which means that it is not safe to carry them in your wallet or put it in the glove box. Planned Parenthood recommends checking the expiration date on the condom wrapper before use, and never using condoms expired.

Expert Insight

Many men feel that condoms reduce sensitivity and reduces their ability to enjoy sex. Social Health Association of America provides information about negotiating condom use with partners to ensure that sexual intercourse proves to be fun and safe for individuals. They noted that for many people, the emotional stress associated with pregnancy or diseases to worry about reduced sexual pleasure far more than condoms will. They also stressed that for people in the non-committed relationship, it's important to remember that the other birth control methods provide protection against unwanted pregnancy, but does not protect against disease.

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