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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

7 ways to keep your breast health

Breast cancer is not going to be a scary Specter for females. Yes, as long as we knowhow to keep the breast health and following a healthy lifestyle. Debra Mangino, m. d.of New York's Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, such as that offered, revealed that when breast cancer is already appearing then it will be very aggressive. 

So while not too late, yuk we keep our breasts. How do you do?Check out seven ways below.

  • Maintain Weight

Excess body weight can increase the risks we are exposed to the disease of breast cancer. Harold Freeman, M.D., President and founder of the Ralph Lauren Center for cancer and prevention in New York City added that excess body weight can alsominimize the chances for recovery from this disease.

  • Sports 45-60 Minutes

Do sports for 45 to 60 minutes a day, five times a week. This routine sports can improve immune, prevent obesity, and lower levels of estrogen and insulin in the body.

  • Stop Drinking Alcoholic Beverages

Research shows that drinking 2 glasses of alcoholic beverages may increase the risk of developing breast cancer by as much as 21 percent. Meanwhile, the resveratrolcontained in the skin of grapes can lower estrogen levels that will could also lower therisk of developing breast cancer.

  • The Consumption Of Vegetables

Food low in fat may reduce the risk of breast cancer we are exposed to. Try to addvegetables such as broccoli and kale in your daily menu as this illness prevention efforts. It would be better to mengonsumsinya when it was still raw.

  • Learn about the History of disease in the family

Is there any member of your family has ever been exposed to the disease of breast cancer? Freeman explained that 15 percent of breast cancer cases are caused by the existence of hereditary factors.

  • Checking Once Every Three Years

Every woman needs to do breast checking at least once every three years. Or evenchecking each year. The checking can be done through an MRI, sonogram, ormammogram.

  • Do Genetic Testing

Mangino explained that when young women affected by breast cancer, usually it is due to BRCA mutation (gene lineage closely related to ovarian and breast cancer). If there are any members of your family who formerly had breast or ovarian cancer disease, immediate checking of genetics.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and eating a balanced diet is key in order to avoid thedisease of breast cancer. One more important thing is always keep your mind from stress or depression are excessive. Because of the stress that occurs in the long term itcould increase the risk of developing breast cancer due to hormonal changes cantrigger the growth of tumors.

Ladies, let's stay healthy and stay alive!

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