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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

6 steps to prevent Acne Imprint on the face

There are many different things that can cause inflamed pimples on the face. And of course you do not want the acne leave mementos of black stain that makes the skin sobeautiful anymore?

According to, there are some powerful ways to prevent acne imprint in the face.

The face should always clean

Try to keep clean face and leave it in clean condition. Choose a qualified home SOAPand matches your skin type and needs.

Use warm water for washing and cold face, avoid hot water that can trigger the onset of irritation. Choose SOAP as well so, gentle formula would be much more effectivethan a hard formula thus will aggravate the condition and leave scars.

Even if your skin type is oily or combination of moisturizing, it remains necessary. Select the type of moisturizer for oily skin so your skin stays hydrated.
A powerful acne medication

Use this type of powerful acne medication that works to fight acne-causing bacteriasuch as benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, and others. Use only in jerawatnya point justuntil dry and regenerate the skin acne. Don't push it, ladies.
Use special makeup

In addition to selecting a special makeup for acne-prone skin, wear makeup when thebreakouts also cannot be exaggerated. Remember that makeup can be the right medium the spread and development of acne, which will make the condition worse and leave scars.
Styling your hair

Prepare extra time with styling your hair you use a clamp or a bandana. Try to keep the hair does not interfere with the face and causes the addition of oil on the face.
Keep the hands kotormu Yes

Always remember that your hands can become media acne bacteria transmission. This is why You should not hold and squeeze pimples by hand. The former jerawatnya is much more than a missing hard-cure acne inflamed lho.

From now on, try to always treat your face with extra soft Yes. Acne were coming, the former will be lost.

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