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Friday, November 7, 2014

5 Simple Daily Yoga Exercises For Good Health

Deep down, we all want to practice Yoga and fit, but somehow did not follow through on giving reasons like "we don't have time" or "we do not want to waste our money."

But you have given thought about how beautiful and stress-free you will be on the outside, when you take care of the inside?

In a life full of stress and busy these days, people are always on the go, leading to a State where body, mind and soul take a thorough beating. To overcome the side effects intolerable luxury these days, people are turning back to the old mantra of exercise called Yoga.
Yoga can help you achieve a State of calm and peaceful, relaxing the mind, body and spirit through various asanas which, meditations and other cleansing rituals.

The best part about this is that you don't really have to spend too much of your hard earned money and you don't have to leave the privacy of your home.

All you need is commitment. "Commitment to Connection"-Yes! That's what yoga is all about. Top up with the quiet music, casual corner and fold up your House and you're ready to go. Yoga and healthy living just enough go hand in hand!

Yoga For Health

Some daily exercise selected from yoga for healthy living are given below. These exercises will not only help You rejuvenate, but also would combat the stress and keep you healthy. These exercises are very simple and each asana takes 4-5 minutes.
1. Shava Asana (The Corpse/Death Pose):

This relaxation pose!

Justlie down onthe mat, close your eyesandtry to putallyour weighton the ground.Concentrate on your breathing;breathe deeplyand slowlywith your nose.
Learn tobe patient andto observehowyour body weightshifts to theground andlet go ofeverything, allthe weight andallexhausted.
Gentlyopen your eyes androlled overto your sidebefore coming toa sitting position.

This asana is the Mantra for just relaxing.

Benefit: it helps in rejuvenating body, mind and soul.

2. Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose The):

Lie on your stomach, place the Palm of your hand down to just below your shoulders. Without letting the elbows down away from your body, have them pointing straight back behind you. (Shown in picture).

Pushgentlyonyour handto slowlyraise yourupper bodyand headand inhale.
Doit slowly, and does notcome uptoo high,your elbowsshould notbestraight.
Slowlyletyour bodydown andwithyour foreheadtouchingthe floor,while doingthis,exhale.
Do this3-5 times.
Benefit: it helps relieve Back Pain and strengthen the spine.

3. Adho Mukha Svanasana.  (The downward-facing dog Pose):
Starton your handsand kneesonAllFours.

Keepyour fingerswide openand pressstronghands and feetto thetitleina downwarddirection.
At the same time, lift thehips andtail boneto the sky,so thatyour body isin aV-shape.
Letyour headbe downand relax.
Remainin this positionand holdfor 2-3breathsand finallyresting in Balasana.

Benefit: it helps in congestion and increase blood flow to the sinuses. A workout that is great for curing a cold.

4. Balasana (Child The Pose):

Inthisasana, the bodyfacingthe floor in aFetal position.This is passive andrelaxedpose.

The foreheadshouldtouch the floor, ifyour foreheadcan nottouch the floor, useyogablocks orbooks.
Rest andbreathefor as long as you want.

Benefits: this Pose helps soothe headaches because it relaxes the back and neck.

5. Uttanasana (Forward Bending Pose):

Standwith feetparallelandhipwidth apart.Foldforwardslowlywhile youexhale.

Letyour armsto go forward.Ifthe hamstringstight orYoursensitivelower back, bendyour knees.
Let itBangyour headand relaxhead and neckfully andrelease allyour stressoutthe top ofyour head.

Hold for2-3breathsand gentlycometo astanding positionwhilebreathing in.

Benefits: the Pose is working to calm the nervous system.

But in the moments when you feel you're too busy and don't have much time, sticking to Pranayama (breathing in) and Shava Asana. Don't force yourself to do all the exercises, rather than follow one or two but it does with the right rhythm and gradually increase the amount of exercise. Do not tense your body, as you know to what extent you are flexible. The main purpose of Yoga is to relax. So keep resting every few minutes. This about yoga asanas for good health is all you need.

Finally, Yoga asana is not just about but also about a healthy diet, proper posture, emotional balance and proper sleep. Once you reach the proper stability of the gate, then with Yoga you are sure to reach the body, mind and soul healthy.

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