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Thursday, November 6, 2014

5 benefits of Spinach for the skin

Favorite food Popeye the Sailor is not only rich in iron that can prevent the onset ofanemia, but also has a myriad of benefits to your skin. What are the benefits of Yesspinach to your skin? Identify five benefits of spinach for the skin following the dilangsirof the site

Coping with Acne

Spinach has a good anti inflammatory compounds for curing acne is bothering You in the face. Spinach is also capable of lifting dead skin cells causes pimples.

Protect your skin from the Sun

Spinach is rich in vitamin B is good for protecting the skin from the Sun's radiation.Radiation of sunlight potentially gives rise to a variety of skin problems such as skin cancer, premature aging, dull skin, and various other skin problems.

Make the skin become Ageless

Spinach is rich in antioxidants to ward off free radicals that enter into your body. Eatingspinach on a regular basis can make your skin become more healthy and youthful.

Brighten skin

The content of vitamin K and folate in spinach is very bermanfaay to make your skin becomes bright. Vitamin K and folate works by overcoming acne, eliminate dark circlesunder the eyes, and reduce inflammation.

Nourish skin

Vitamin A is found in spinach is good to lighten the skin while vitamin C promotes the growth of new skin cells. Both of them work together to make your skin healthier.

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