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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

4 food and drinks Dangerous Shorten your life

Your body may be resistant to all diseases or perhaps you are a person who is not easily hurt. But don't be proud of first ladies, especially if You like to eat or drink here.You may way to hoard could die faster.

Because as reported by of, the following foods and beverages canshorten your life. How can that be? This is because the content of food and drink in thearthritis is bad on the part of DNA called the telomere, which regulates the length ofthe short life of the body. Let know what the food and drinks.

Drink with added carbon dioxide in it is bad for the body, drink because according to a study that's ever done by the American Journal of Public Health, any consumption of 2ounce servings of soda drinks associated with increased aging up to 4.6 years.Even drinking soda cans sweet drinks per day can increase the risk of 67% greater exposureto type 2 diabetes.

Processed meat
An awful lot of processed meat are packed in an interesting and delicious eaten of course, but think that it turns food such as sausages, corned beef, nugget and others it could shorten life telomere. The researchers found that those who ate less than oneserving of processed meat per week, can shorten telomere than those who didn't eat at all.

Red meat
Has long been known that the consumption of a lot of red meat is not very goodbecause it could raise cholesterol, and even trigger heart disease and cancer. The moremeat consumption, the shorter the telomere in the body. This is actually true for white meat, but not as big as his influence red meat.

Of course you know that alcohol never gives good effects to the body. This is supported by the existence of research conducted the American Association for Cancer Research Annual Meeting in 2010 that alcohol can shorten telomere which naturallyshorten your life.
So, still want to eat and drink 4 types of objects above more often each day, Ladies?Keep your body healthy-Yuk with attune, healthy eating and drinking, Ladies.

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