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Friday, November 7, 2014

4 Effective Ab Cruncher Exercises To Get Perfectly Toned Abs

 Love handles? Muffin tops? Somewhat protruding belly? People tried all sorts of methods to lose flab from the abdominal area because they are prone to accumulation of fat more easily than other parts of the body. The abdominal area, most commonly known as the abs can be made tighter and stronger if we eat and exercise properly.

Do cardio exercises to help lose fat from the body? The most important exercise ab Crunchers helping make the company the abdominal area. People tend to focus more on cardio exercise that helps to lose flab but does not add strength or definition to the body. If you want a slimmer and stronger core, then there are many different types of exercise ab Crunchers can you do to melt fat to achieve toned abs.

4 best Exercises Ab Crunchers:

Here are four effective ab abdominal crunches you can do for the perfect abs.

1. Classic Crunch:

This is one of its most primitive and ineffective crunches. In this method you should lie down flat on your back. You can lie down on a mat or on the floor, depending on your convenience.

How To Do It:

Afteryou lay downon your backbased onyour comfort, bendyour kneesand slowlyraiseyour shouldersup.
Hold fora few secondsand return toYouroriginalposition.
You should notethat whiledeclaring himself, you don'thave to liftYourentire back, becauseit will lead toback problems.Sofocus onliftingYourshouldersonly.
You can makethisinterestingexerciseby addinga stabilityballunderyour feet.
This particularexercisestrengthenYourstomachmusclesas you moveupwardsand hold.
Repeatthis at least10-15 timesfor 2-3sets forthe best results.
You have to learn the correct forms of crunches classic to protect your back.

2. Reverse Crunch:

As the name suggests, this is the opposite of a crisis.

How To Do It:

In this method, instead ofliftingyour upper body, liftyour legsup andkeep themstraightas you canwhile lyingon the floor.
Your Palmshould be facingdownwardson both sideswhile doingthis exercise.
It'syour corebusinesswhen youput pressureforthe abdominal muscleswhileliftingyour legsup.

In that case, keep your feet straight up hard for you, you can vary this exercise to bend your knees while going upward.

3. The Plank:

This exercise is the most popular of them all and work effectively. Works on almost all parts of your body, increase strength.

How To Do It:

Lie downon a matorthe floorface downwhen you dothis exercise.
Face down, keepingthe elbowand palmsflat.They should bejust belowyour shoulders.
Now, balancingonyour toescurled upwiththem a little bitand keep yourneckand spineupright.
This exerciseis amazingnot onlywork on theabdominal muscles, but also onyour glutes.
Continue tostretchthem andtry tohold theBoardas long as youcan.

Practice every day for better results.

4. Bicycle Crunch:

This is pretty much like a regular crunch, but with a slight variation that also target on your side.

How To Do It:

When you liftyour shouldershere, liftingonlyone directionacross thewholeshoulderraiseinstead ofupwards.
Keepmovementsalternatelyfrom left to right.
Completeat least 2-3 sets of15 repsto exercisemore effective.

Because you just keep playing for both sides, it helps get rid of that muffin tops and love handles You always worry about. This is an effective workout that targets not only your abs, but also side and help get a slimmer waist size.

There you have the best ab exercises Crunchers you can take up to descend from those love handles, muffin tops and bulging stomach for abs in shape.

Have you included these exercises in your workout regimen? Share your feedback with us in the comments section.

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