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Friday, November 7, 2014

Top 10 Ideal Breathing Exercises You Can Try During Pregnancy

Simple breathing techniques have great benefits during pregnancy and childbirth. When you enter the third trimester, you will begin to experience shortness of breath. This is due to the growing uterus is limiting the ability of the lungs to fully expand when breathing. Proper breathing can prepare pregnant women faced many changes happening in her body. It helps reduce stress levels and provide enough oxygen for expectant mothers and babies who are growing.

Not just pregnancy, breathing techniques can also make labor easier. There are good reasons why they teach Lamaze breathing exercises in the classroom!
Top 10 You can try breathing exercises during pregnancy:

Not all suitable breathing exercises during pregnancy. The following is a list of 10 great breathing exercises you can try without worry:

1. Respiratory: Chest

This is kind of normal breathing techniques and quite shallow.

How To Do:

  • Put your handson the sides ofYourrib cage.
  • You will feelYourchest wallgo outsidewhen youbreatheinandyou breathein whenit came out.The stomachwill remain.

2. Belly Breathing:

In abdominal breathing, you use Your diaphragm to suck up the lower abdomen and chest and thrust out. This makes the lungs expand and breathe in the air more, making breathing more effectively.

How To Do:

  • Lieon your backwithyour kneesbent.
  • Or,you can alsolie onyour sidewith a pillowbetweenyour knees.
  • Put onehandon your chestand the other inyour stomach.
  • Inhalethroughyour noseand letyour stomachpushingyour handup.Make sureyour cheststill.
  • Pressyour lipstogether andexhale.Letthe airout andyour handsdown.

3. Calculate The Breath:

This is a deep breathing techniques for relaxation. Here, you count your breath. It is similar to abdominal breathing, but the only difference is that here you count your breath. You count to the tune of 4-7-8.

How To Do:

  • Positionyourselfas you doin theabdominal exercises.
  • Inhaleto a countoffour.
  • Holdyour breathfor sevencounts andthenbreatheout fora count ofeight.
  • Tryto pushallthe airout ofyour lungsinbreathingextended.
  • You will feelYourbodysinksto the floorandlaid back.

4. Roll Breathing:

This exercise helps you to use your lungs to the maximum and you become aware of Your breathing rhythm.

How To Do:

  • Lieon your backwithyour kneesbent.
  • Positionyour handsin the same wayyou do forabdominal breathing.
  • Dodeep breathingduringthe respiratorycycle of8 to 10.
  • At a later stage,a breath ofairto the lungsis lowerand after thatcontinue theinhalationtoyour upperchest.
  • Your stomachwill go upand thendownyour chestup-as ifthe upper bodymoves likea waverolling.
  • Whenbreathingout, making thesound ofa softmendesing, lettingboth handsdown.

5. Breathing: Cleansing:

This exercise is a deep breath completely swell your lungs after inhaling and releasing the air after breathing out. Do you feel the cleansing breath when Your contractions start, and when the contraction ends.

How To Do:

  • Sitin a comfortable position
  • Close your eyes andrelax your bodycompletely.
  • Inhaledeeplyandslowly-asslowly anddeeply aspossible
  • Be careful whendeep breathing-noticeeverything that happens in your body-howairgushed.NoticeYourrib cageexpansion-realizeyour bodycompletely.
  • Nowbreathwhile stillpaying attention toyour body.Make sure thatYourbreathingistwice as longasYourinhalation.

6. Ujjayi:

This technique will maximize the energy in your body, while releasing tension when you breathe out.

How To Do:

  • Finda comfortable placeandsit on the floor.
  • Inhaleslowly,fill your stomachand thenthe ribswiththe air.
  • Don't letyour bellyto expandout.Instead,try andraise yourupper body.
  • Now, breathout all ofthe air out ofthe lungs andstomach,rinseallthe tensionwith it.

7. Nose Turns Breathing:

This is a great exercise that burst stress can help you cope better with changes that occur in your body. You can pacify all the hormones raging with these breathing exercises.

How To Do:

  • Sitincomfortableyogapose andyour handsresting onyour thighsin YogaMudra.
  • Holdyour right handinVishnuMudra.
  • Closethe rightnostrilwiththumb andbreathein deeplythrough your noseto the left.
  • Nowclosethe leftnostrilwithring andlittle fingers,exhalethroughthe rightnostril.
  • Withnostrilscloseleft,breathein throughthe rightnostril.
  • Closethe rightnostrilwiththumb andexhalewithnoseto the left.

8. Breathless:

It breathes like a dog where you open your mouth and take a short breath in quickly. This type of breathing is useful during times of transition when the contractions are strong and you have the urge to push. Practicing at home for an easy labor.

How To Do:

  • Take a fewshallowbreathing.
  • And thenbreathedout, like youblow out thecandles.

9. Rhythmic Breathing:

The following other breathing techniques that allow you to address workforce better. Deep breath exercise is not as deep as in the cleansing breath. It's almost like breathing normal but it is done slowly and rhythmically

How To Do:

  • Breatheslowly andrhythmicallythrough your noseandout throughthe mouth.
  • Youwill be able tofindthe perfectpriceand depth ofbreathingwith practice.
  • Be careful whenbreathe,concentrate on Yourbreathingrather thananyexternalstimuli.This will help youovercome thelabor painsare better.

10. The Breath Holding:

Hold your breath come in handy during labor. Practice holding your breath for a few seconds because it will come in handy when You need to push during labor.

How To Do:

  • Normalbreathinguntil youget the urgeto push.
  • Takea deep breathand let itoutin small numberswhile youdrive.
  • Makea sound whenbreathingout.

These exercises are simple breathing easy to master and practice. You will be surprised at how breathing techniques will help you not only relaxed during the entire nine months of your pregnancy, but also during labor itself. Just take a deep breath and be ready to welcome your little one!

Did you try breathing exercises during your pregnancy? Do they help you? Share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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