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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Milk, White and healthy Secrets Of Japan

Ladies as the majority of Indonesia have yellow skin skin is definitely envious with theJapan women have white skin. In addition to having white skin, most women Japan is known to have the skin supple and smooth.

Who doesn't want that skin?

You don't need to buy a skin Whitener product to get white and healthy skin like Japanwomen. Because, Japan women never use artificial whitening product skin whitening product made by alias. Then, what is the secret of healthy whites and people of Japan?

They get the white and healthy through natural means, i.e. through a home made skin care that is made from milk.

And don't you think that you have to perform the ritual bathing milk on a regular basisto get a healthy white. It's way too complicated, ladies. There is an easier way, i.e. with amilk facial mask.

Milk facial mask this too you can make your own at home. As quoted from, you only need the milk and flour to make this mask.

It's easy enough, prepare milk and wheat flour by a ratio of 2: 1. That is, 1 cup milkreconstituted with 2 cup all purpose flour. Then, prepare a muslin that has beenperforated eyes and mouth part resembles the mask.

Attach the muslin to the surface of your face and flatten the mixture of milk and flouronto the muslin. Let sit for 15 minutes, then rinse with water.

Good luck!

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