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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Kegel Exercise Injury

Practice Kegel? is designed to help women cope with urinary incontinence, enhance sexual pleasure and control the muscles of the vagina during childbirth. Practice Kegel? can also help men delay ejaculation during sex. It is very important to do exercises correctly so as not to hurt yourself.

Types Of Injuries

If you do exercises kegel? properly, you may inadvertently muscle tension in the thighs, back, buttocks or belly. You don't have to use these muscles to perform exercises kegel?, so the pain in these areas may signal the need to review the appropriate techniques. You can also injure the muscles involved in exercise-kegel? Your pubococcygeus, the muscles, or PC. If you do exercises kegel? too often or when the bladder is full, you can strain the muscles of your PC and make yourself vulnerable to larger incontinence or urinary tract infection.

Avoid Injury

To avoid injury caused by exercises kegel? it is important to learn how to isolate the correct muscles to squeeze. These are the muscles that are used to start and stop the flow of urine-and you can learn to isolate these muscles with Pee and then try to hold in your urine. The practice of holding in urine to find the right muscles, but don't make a habit of. If you stop often urinate while doing exercises kegel?, you can weaken the muscles of your PC.

Find The PC Muscle

Women can also find the right muscles to squeeze during practice kegel? by incorporating their fingers into the vagina and squeeze until the pressure is felt. Men can find their PC muscles by inserting a finger into their rectums and squeeze until the pressure is felt. If you can't find the right muscles to squeeze, it is important to seek help from someone in the medical field to avoid injury from squeezing the wrong muscles.

How to do the Exercises Kegel?

It's very important to breathe and stay relaxed while doing the Kegel?. Start with Your PC muscle contraction for five seconds and relaxing for five seconds. Repeat 4-5 times. Repeat the process three times a day. Aiming for contracting and releasing Your PC muscles for 10 seconds 4-5 times per session, repeats three times a day. If pregnant, loosen Your PC muscle for twice the amount of time you hit them.

Medical Assistance

Practice kegel? not designed to cause pain, so if you have severe pain, you should consult someone in the medical field for help. If you experience headaches, it could mean that Your chest muscles straining and holding my breath while doing exercise-two things that shouldn't be done. It is also important to note that the exercise should not do kegel? too quickly, as this could have strained the muscle tone of your PC, causing pain or injury.

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